How Configurations for Fiber Optical Signal Repeater

How Configurations for Fiber Optical Signal Repeater?

Fiber Optic Repeater Configuration.1


Each remote unit is connected to one optical fiber.

One single fiber supports uplink and downlink at the same time.

This configuration gives the best interference immunity and reliability, assuming the number of fibers is sufficient.



Fiber Optic Repeater Configuration.2

A number of remote units is connected via an optical splitter to the same optical transceiver (OTRx) in the master unit.

Up to 4remote units can be connected to a single OTRx while the maximum optical budget is 10 dB.



Fiber Optic Repeater Configuration.3


In many situations optical fiber is the limited and most valuable resource.

In this case the backbone feature provides the option of connecting up to 4 remote units to only one single optical fiber.

The maximum optical loss of 10 dB must not exceed.

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